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Dave Wardman


[*] ‘questions’, qu3stions, questions [Day 12 of 60]
This video we take a dive into the ‘questioning of questions’. Meta, I know – but that is where I reside. Between the seeming binary of: dictatorial ‘no questioning’ and free-for-all clusterfuckery, is a third way.

The mindshape filter allows us to look into what makes a question and for whom. One of the mindshapes [C3rberus] creates ‘not-questions’ [qu3stions] as an essential survival strategy to maintain its existence. The other two can benefit from questioning many things.

Oh so long ago, during a workshop – that was also the initial meeting with my Teacher Mr [L] – one of the participants was rabidly asking an unnecessary amount of esoteric questions. Many were answered clearly but after it was clear it would not cease, [L] gave a short talk on ‘the Hell-realm of too many questions’ and put a timed embargo on asking any more for a while. It was a profound occurrence to witness for my younger self, whom was in possession of a mental-torrent of unending ‘questions’ – but, due to enneagramatic reasons, was too shy to speak them.

So let us look at questions. Real questions are auspicious and lead us into our True Nature.

If you could only have three questions, what would they be [?]

After you watch this [IF you watch this]: go forth into the other groups you frequent and watch the questions being asked and answered. Just observe. After a while, ponder which questions in which groups have an ‘eternal reoccurrence’.

I will do some examples of the mindshape-conflagration ‘questions’ within this 60 days – but some of them expose some quite shocking things, so they will get the whole COVID-19/’are you ok?’ warning prior to them.


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