The Dissonant Whispers

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The Dissonant Whispers

Dave Wardman


[*] the dissonant whispers

This triangle [in link above until I can figure out how to resize it for Dreamwidth] is of course the inner triadic nucleus of an enneagram concerning the life-cycle of the Physical Alchemy Facebook group.*  Dissonance is the 3-point.  Education the 6-point.  Inspiration the 9-point.  I am telling you this because we have just moved from the dissonance phase to the education phase.   If you do not understand why there was a dissonance phase prior to the education phase you do not understand how the disenchanting current operates [particularly within physical work].

You see the triangular layer of Physical Alchemy is researching the Laws of 3,7 and 9 within the physical body, the world and others and the alchemical interactions between all of these.  Therefore the life-cycle of the group was always designed to mimic the completed alchemical stretching cycle of the physical body but occurring upon a deeper level in triangular space where the mindshapes reside.

Just as you have different stretches and physical methods that work the physical body, so there are many postures and techniques for working the mindshapes.  The cycles occur on different planes but if you understand the alchemical cycles physically you can translate these across into the realm of the triangle  [if you have stabilized there].    The Laws transcend the realms and operate in each:  as above, so below [so they say..].

On the physical level, staying within stretching, we can have many postures:  tailor’s pose, pancakes, a huge array of hip flexor stretches, and such.  We can do these solo, with weight, in communication with living weights [partners], ballistically, different types of contract-relax, blah blah blah.  Then you have the consciousness interacting with the physical body in different ways when the mindshape starts to shift and the Law of three in this bandwidth begins to change within the physical body.  Related to this different layers of physical repatterning and atmospherics occur as this is happening. Plus or minus interactions with other types of training being undertaken by the person.  As well as predictable metaphysical rearrangement in relation to the metametaphysical nature of the mindshapes loosing its hold upon the organism occurs [or partially occurs and mutates and recoagulates].

On a mindshape level there are ‘techniques’ and ‘postures’ both for working with their anatomy and physiology in the individual – and for working with it at a collective level within physical work:  fasts; word-urchins; DR9 syntaxia; tells; ‘the game of tomes’; wickerwordmen;  patience-induced over-extensions; misperceptions; timings [auspicious, suspicious and inauspicious]; reactive strategies; shape-specific word and tonality opaqueness; and so on and on and on and on!

Some of these are used within the alchemical cycle of the group.   Some of the others related to changing the mindshapes within ones own body and will appear within the tome.  Others I will keep for people working directly with me.  Some function as tests of perception for different mindshape and phase combinations and will remain as such.  And then there are the joker cards.

The training of within physical work and mindshape concurrently aims to increase the ability of the person to handling paradox.  

Hence one stream of my classes being entitled ‘Embodied Paradox’.  This is not the ‘paradox’ you see being increasingly mentioned within movement work [though this increase is a tell [….] ].

Many only have the resolve and resources for one big perceptual inversion in their lives but this Work calls for perennial paradoxical unfolding.  I have a reasonable suspicion that this century will thrust this type of work upon a great many people, whether they want it or not.  Far better to work to develop ‘paradox absorbing crumple zones’ before one is struck with a series of shocks.   This work forms part of a new form of survival skill for the 21st century [something I will come back to many times and from many angles].

Indeed – the 6-point inversion is itself a lesson in paradox, which will lead to a great many other things I have [or others have] said being seen in a very different light.



*bonus points to those who spotted this from my unexplained posting of this image into the aforementioned group !

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