How Do You Feel?

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How Do You Feel?

Gary Stockdale

Nick Konow





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And Gary asked me: HOW do you FEEL? And was quick remind me that there’s two questions there. See? And with a right shoulder that aches all the time over the past few days and then veers to a sharpness of pain that makes the blood boil at the injustice of inaccessibility to quotidian ranges of motion, it’s easy to see one question and provide the cheapest answer that attaches itself to abrupt sensation… I feel shit. And yet we know that moving is ONLY sensation expressing a broader spectrum of living. And living ain’t my shoulder. Living ain’t it’s pain. It is HOW it carries itself ANYWAY, in reluctance, rage, resignation and grace. And that’s the better story. That’s the real answer. And it comes not in words, but in moments paid attention and sensations we would otherwise deny. So how do I feel, Gary? Let this complicated arrangement of limbs carrying my right shoulder through space serve as the answer that my words can never provide. Not any clearer, maybe. But kinder. And that’s nice. 😎

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