Solo Grappling

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Solo Grappling

Margot Ciccarelli



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Building a solo practice was not something that originated in quarantine for me. This solo drill video was taken last February in Melbourne (@absolutemmastkilda) before sharing my dualistic approach with @athleticplayground Being able to peek into the dance world, (especially into the contemporary dance, contact improv + house) I’ve truly been able to find my own personal connections and crossovers to express my jiujitsu away from a partner. The objective is obviously not to train away from a partner but how does the art influence you to live better, to be a better human and thrive in unexpected times. I am admittedly self indulgent to thinking in abstract ways, but beyond that, this sort of thinking has enabled me to continue to grow throughout the years regardless of where I trained. Can we deepen our understanding of the vestibular system through awakening our sensitivity in other practices and arts? How can we better inform ourselves? To understand more deeply will in fact guide you to become a better practitioner, a better competitor or better whatever you want to be. Having the ideal environment to train is irrelevant right now. I would consider it to be linear to think that I could only train and better my jiu-jitsu through a direct means of training the art. That would be the pragmatic approach but in foreign times, it calls me to take an extra pinch of creativity to embrace novel things. I adopted a non-linear approach over the years out of a means of maintaining my self belief and survival. I didn’t always have a world class environment to train in. It wasn’t always optimal. You have to believe you can do it. You’re going to make it. This is not optimism. You have to see it so clearly that it will become YOUR reality. Believe in your solo drills, your solo practice or whatever it is you are doing in this time. Find a way to find the connections for yourself, but be honest too. This isn’t about lying to yourself about something that simply doesn’t make sense. This is your journey of self discovery. – #IAmHyperfly #movewithyourself #movementculture #quarantinetraining #CrushQuarantine #monsterenergy #YCTH

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