Stress Test: One Minute in the Hole


Stress Test: One Minute in the Hole

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STRESS MANAGEMENT: a simple frame I use for “stress testing”. Take an ACTIVE squat position & choose your weight wisely. Maintain your form throughout the 1 minute and have enough in the tank for the concentric. As a diagnosis tool it can also highlight flaws in your squat concentric , as seen here with the hips shooting backward 🤔 • Even if you have squatting experience, start light (just bar) & progress. This is NOT a dedicated training/mobility tool, so a single set at the end of your squat sets 1x a week for a few months will give sufficient experience/information. A bodyweight load is an achievable benchmark – above that it’s up to you 🏋🏽‍♂️ • Stress takes many forms and only turns negative if it exceeds our experience/capability. Staying calm in a cold shower, patient in traffic, strong whilst fasted, cool with a heavy workload (both paper and metal)… all are opportunities to practice stress-management. They teach us when too much is too much and reveal where our strengths & weaknesses lie 🕷 • Ultimately, I believe stress experience should be TRANSFERABLE. Because if you can withstand a heavy load under the rack but fall to pieces when you miss a meal or your girlfriend washes your capoeira trousers with her new red underwear, then you’re ‘domain dependent’ and ‘fragile’ (to use Nassim Taleb) 🧊 • Such frames for “stress management, then, as with “frustration management”, are maximised when they ultimately have positive transfer to your other life practices. Knowing what stresses you can and cannot manage are invaluable toward self-knowledge, but not forgetting that that “self” is as changeable as the experiences you grow from 🌱

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