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Clarity. Communicating with clarity is a must for civil discourse in conversation. Do you ever find it difficult to talk to someone who is reluctant to expand on their sentences or masks what they truly feel or want to say? Funny how we can consider this and now think about clarity through the lens of fighting. If we are too clear with our movements in fighting, we are considered to be telegraphing and not masking intent enough. It becomes too easy to recognise what your partner wants. Their objective has been identified and you are now able to better counter against it due to the clarity in delivery. If we take a moment to consider how clarity is delivered, clear moves are associated with clear directions and intent. On the contrary, moves that are hard to read do not show clear direction or intent – it is hard to recognise the intention from the get go. Bringing the factor of time and tempo into the equation, regular or irregular timing in execution can also mask clarity in reading my partner’s movement. If a regular tempo and constant velocity are identified factors of what we label as ‘telegraphing’ – what can we do to become better at reading our partners and what can we do to telegraph less? Movement predictions can be made when we consider the task of pattern recognition and finding trends. This is the fun and fascinating task of better reading movement and nuance. If everything I see is a series of erratic changes in velocity, direction, feinting etc… my hardware will be completely thrown off. Instead of continually trying to anticipate and read, it turns into a game of meeting these changes by adapting to the new operating speeds and collaborating enough to the point of matching the tempo of your partner and fulfilling the basic objective of structural preservation. Fighting is the art of masking intent better than your adversary, using clarity in feints to mislead…and more. The art of physical deception. – welcome 2020. ✨ Catch me at The Rhythm of Fighting workshop in Cologne at @martial.movement.arts Jan 6-10 ?? – #IAmHyperfly #therhythmoffighting #nonverbalcommunication #brokenrhythm #nomadicid #YCTH

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