Wheels Turning

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Wheels Turning

Gary Stockdale





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This video in every way embodies the what I call movement curiosity. It is a principle that I hold dear and is my guide on this movement path I’ve found. The 90/90 or #ShinBox position is one I found and began exploring years ago. It is a tool, a starting point if you will. Once the initial position is understood, the next and most obvious inquiries are: What’s next? Where to now? How can I make this position give me MORE?” What the use of the wheel added: wrapping Lat recruitments, a clean assisted path towards the fullest upright position, Varied scapular stability dynamics and enhanced pelvis-oblique dynamics. The more questions you ask in your movement practice, the more options and opportunities become available to you, granting you an ever deeper understanding of your resilience, versatility and capacity. Stay curious my friends. @ElectricGuest: More

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