Relational Perspectives

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Relational Perspectives

Mars Ciccarelli




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I’ve repeatedly had some of the same thoughts peep its head into my brain these last few days. 1. Abstraction of an art form/discipline : how we can abandon the classic view of a form to then evolve into a personal iteration. What becomes of it? ‘The transmission of feeling that the artist has experienced.’ This is what I seek to share daily. As a teacher, I don’t only want to teach you movement or jiu-jitsu. I’m trying to show you what made me fall in love with it hoping that you too will fall in love with it the same way I did. 2. Our relationship with our bodies. When we become so results based we often neglect self maintenance and nourishment of one of our greatest tools : our body. The body should not be treated like a ‘machine’ without care – you wouldn’t own a Maserati for example and go out of your way to total it on day 1 – so why is the daily tuning in with self so foreign to so many? 3. forgetting where we came from in the process. We were all once white belts or a novice at something, but far too often I see upper belts scoff or sound exasperated at training with white belts. On the contrary for me, I enjoy training with white belts a lot and it always makes me refer back to the drawing board and consider the task of problem solving and the parallels of jiu-jitsu and general conflict resolution. The better we make each other and the better the pack becomes, the more sophisticated the problem solving process becomes. Nurture the biome and the biome will nurture you. ? – #IAmHyperfly #movementculture #flowmotion #nomadicid #YCTH

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