Deceptive Intent


Deceptive Intent

Dave Pelletier 

Upon first glance, what is the assumption of training focus?


“At face value this would be considered a balance drill.  BOSU, single leg stance, tennis ball on yoga block… it all seemingly adds up as balance oriented.  However, (insert dramatic pause here), I did it mainly to practice breathing (ie NOT holding my breath in extreme concentration) and to practice suboccipital relaxation under stress.  Notice yourself or others drivers in stressful situations, taking a test, perhaps making a video for other people interested in movement without dropping the rolling ball, and you will get my drift on hypertonicity under duress.”


From his initial ‘Become a Contributor’ entry, you can see how he adjusted his language to describe his thinking more simply:


We’re not just interested in sharing your ideas.  We want to help you find clarity in how you communicate them.


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