Movement as Language: Listening & Being Trilingual


Movement as Language: Listening & Being Trilingual

Nikki Miller



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Some words on LISTENING: • For my fellow stress-prone movement lovers: what role does listening play in your embodied learning practice? • Using myself as an example: The first video is from after gaga class today, 9/26/19. The second video is from what according to my phone is the first time I videoed myself after a gaga class, about 2.5 months into my gaga practice, on 12/9/17. Almost 2 years ago. Now to be clear, obviously the difference is not from practicing gaga alone. But gaga has provided a context to repattern my nervous system’s response to effort and stress. And that translates to other contexts. • This has worked for ME. Other people surely use other modalities to achieve similar progress. For me though, I’ve built a compass with these practices: @gaga.people.dancers (how to listen to sensation/find pleasure in effort), @posturalrestoration (how to understand my skeletal asymmetries and mitigate them to have more centered physical stability), and @functionalrangeconditioning (owning joint rotation isolation and end range control). I integrate these three languages into my practice and my teaching: listening, stabilizing, mobilizing. • Finding the modalities that work for me have happened and continue to happen through LISTENING. Listening to my nervous system, listening to my teachers (on an embodied level, not just an intellectual one), listening to my intuition… • And do you know what’s happening simultaneously? I’m getting much more proactive and decisive in my every day life. It’s translating to a deeper self-trust on an overall practical level. • I’ve long believed that movement contexts offer a great space for practicing awareness skills that translate to every day, social, pedestrian life. I can certainly testify that my ongoing practice that gets deeper every month and is now two years strong, is having exactly that effect. • Is this resonating with your experience? What modalities have helped you with embodied learning?

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