Restriction & Prediction


Restriction & Prediction

Mars Ciccarelli




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Managing stress in a live fighting scenario seems like a bit of a challenge, doesn’t it? Some strategies that I like to employ to manage stress on the mat are deeply rooted in the ideas of restriction and immobilisation. Let us not confuse this with being stationary and static holds. I will introduce the phrase of dynamic holds here that I will talk about more in a future post. The more I am able to restrict and take away from my partner, the more I am able to predict with a greater level of accuracy. If you are unable to move in a certain plane because I am controlling you at two particular points of contact, I understand that your most instinctual options will usually be guided towards the open space or addressing the points of control I have established. if 4 limbs are equivalent to having 4 swords, if I subtract 2 from you…I can now better predict the movement patterns and pathways available to you than I was able to previously. If all limbs are free, the possibilities are endless. When I add in a limiting factor or 2, I can see what impact these factors have on your options to move with me in the space. My composure does not stem from misguided confidence, it lies in knowing and playing the game. The inner calm comes from understanding how to interact with the storm. So with that, let’s dance. #IAmHyperfly #nomadicid #thezengame #YCTH

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