Supine Bridge Kicks


Supine Bridge Kicks

Andre Miller


Less Dynamic Assessment of Positional (St)Ability…


… Leads to Power Exploration.


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Baby D and me getting in some locomotive training today with #shoulderbridgecancans ! Sustaining posterior chain activation during knee extension is one of the most difficult things to teach in running technique. Shoulder bridge can cans help you find the muscular activation necessary to keep the hips up and forward during repeated dynamic leg extension. In time, this drill can save your knees by showing you how to create relaxed hip flexion and knee extension. Relaxed hip flexion and knee extension better capitalizes on the centrifugal kinetic potential of the lower leg on stride turnover without sacrificing posterior chain recruitment. Proper posterior chain recruitment allows the power of the stride to come from the glutes, hamstrings and the postural positioning and alignment of the spine in a proper body lean. Together these elements create a very relaxed yet fast and powerful gait. For this exercise, keep the toes pointed and pulling behind you while you sustain hip height. Try to touch the floor lightly while stabilizing the paraspinals without creating excess tension. Excess tension can decrease sensation and make breathing difficult. The two legged version at the end is the same exercise applied for the broadjump. An excellent excersise for distance runners, gymnasts, sprinters and parkour athletes alike, enjoy! #rootsfitness

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