Life Connections


Life Connections

Christian Paev


Desire without ability leads to frustration.
Ability without desire is just potential.
Missing both is apathy.

Develop the abilities that match your desires. Or suffer proportionally to their difference.


Movements? What movements?

The actual content of the practice goes far beyond the exposed visual shell, that mislead the eye. It cannot be shown, it could only be EXPERIENCED on a very personal level. For anyone interested – I suggest going to an event led by Ido and the team. If you have it in you – it resonates for at least a lifetime. If not – you’ve at least went on a trip and moved a little bit more than usual. So – well worth it!

How do you live your life – that’s the practice. How much awareness, freedom, love, capacities, energy, courage, intention, intelligence do you possess? How do you use your resources? What is your main orientation? Where are you going? Do you take responsibility for your own being, as much as this is possible in the ever-uncertain-unfolding of events? What do you choose? What do you create? How often do you burn your beliefs down to open for the possibilities?

And so on…

”Body numb, mind drifting”

Ultimately, all will be lost.
But before that – serve Life in the best way possible.


‘the quality or state of being aware : knowledge and understanding that something is happening or exists;
the ability to extract the available information from the situation”

I view awareness as the main driving force of change. So many things are happening and we are basically asleep or ”not-consciously-responsive” to the events. Invisible forces are steering our car to undesirable, yet avoidable paths. The ”background” processes, that few of us acknowledge, even less understand, often shape our experiences in a very predictable way. ”Stuck in a moment” is a very real condition for many of us.

Still, change might happen, but it would be a matter of chance and not of choice.

From my experience with physical practice (but it’s also valid for psychotherapy) – it definitely makes a difference to make it a priority, rather than run after the candies of experience.

Develop the awareness, sensitivity, differentiation abilities, knowledge, understanding and terminology as a ”base camp” for further exploration. Without this foundation, we are, as individuals, limited to our talents and inclinations, and many of us don’t possess much.

Lately I began noticing flaws in the way that I am walking – the most basic human locomotive pattern. So I took it as a practice and is already beginning to affect positively everything else.

First things first. Simple things you cannot do are a fucking gold mine.


Freedom – always exists in a spectrum, and it’s never absolute.

Our freedom and limitations are intimately connected.

What are the boundaries?
What are the possibilities inside those boundaries?
What can you do to remove some of the boundaries?
Can you handle your freedom in a constructive way?

All too often we fantasize about ”freedom” as something absolute and general. As anything else, it’s not as simple. However, physically and mentally – pursuing more opportunities to choose your actions / attitudes is a good place to start.

Choosing appropriately seems to be another story by itself.


“Be aware of our conditioning. Drop and dissolve inner blockage.”

This Solves
This Loves


Everything is temporarily available.

”HAVING” is not a DEFAULT condition, although we perceive it to be so.

People, places, possibilities, physical abilities and appearance, social status, etc – all fades away, at a different speed.

Acknowledge, respect, be grateful and take care of it.


”Such answers illuminate that the addiction is neither a choice nor a disease, but originates in a human being’s desperate attempt to solve a problem: the problem of emotional pain, of overwhelming stress, of lost connection, of loss of control, of a deep discomfort with the self. In short, it is a forlorn attempt to solve the problem of human pain. Hence my mantra: “The question is not why the addiction, but why the pain.”

Based on my experience, all MY addictive states were linked to a temporary inability to ”stand alone in silence”. The unpleasant experience of being my own self was the unacknowledged pain behind most of my decisions for quite a long time. Fantasies of ”blissful future”, depressive states, obsessions over physical achievements, attaching to relationships, crippling anxiety and disrupted sleep patterns were and still are a great challenge for me. It seems to me that there is an inverted relationship between addictions and freedom.

I’ve found that none of those things have the conditions to occur when I am in the state of enjoying my own being – in the sense of experiencing a satisfaction from my physical freedom, mental clarity and inner emptiness. This is the state that I’m most capable of loving, giving and contributing with what I have to the people around me.

It comes naturally when the physical movement is enough – both quality/quantity wise.

Learn from the movements
Do not learn movements.



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