Controlling Panic Attacks


Controlling Panic Attacks

Ramon Castellanos


Technique specifics begin at the 6:35 mark.


If you are struggling with panic, fear or anxiety, that gets in the way of doing what you would like to do or that cripples you at times, this technique may help. It can also help you recover faster during exercise.


I crafted it from a variety of sources including the field of stress physiology management, trauma therapy and breathing techniques used to recover from high-intensity training.

I have used components of it during high-stress situations like capturing wolves with nets, darting them, and even while repelling down a cliff face to rescue a trapped husky.

So even though I have applied this stuff “in the field” some of it came first through physical training, and this technique can be used effectively to jumpstart recovery between sets.

The body only knows stress physiology…it does not know the difference between exercise-induced stress or an emotional/symbolic threat. By cutting down to the core of this process at a biological level, we interfere with the feedback loops that lead us down the destructive spiral of freezing in response to fear/stress.

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