Practicing Patience


Practicing Patience

Jason Round



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PATIENCE: Exercises in patience are a rare opportunity which I actively seek in my practice. Back when I was a boy you had to wait to see boobs on the internet – at least 5 minutes staring at a fake-orgasming face before a nipple might pop into view and if you wanted to see if the rest was clothed or not it could be a 15 min+ affair. The pictures never loaded bottom-up. . We paid a penny per minute for 56k dial-up internet, wrote down the login and log off time with a pen and paper to compare it with the paper bill that came in the post which took a few days to arrive with the postman riding on a normal bike powered by the pure Assemblage of man and mechanics alone. . We walked to friends houses to “knock-on” for them and if they weren’t there we would go to the next house, and the next… or wait at the park until someone turned up. If it was rainy we’d play Super Mario on the NES. You couldn’t save the game. You had to have the patience and determination to keep repeating, repeating, repeating the same levels over and over again until you EARNED the right to save the princess…only to find the game restart from the beginning at a harder difficulty. . And I was only born in 1988. Things are developing not at an equivalent, but telescopic rate – fast doesn’t even exist anymore. All is instant. My concern is not with technology, but rather the diminishing necessity to exercise patience that comes with it. Patience is a quality integral to so many others: acceptance & indifference, de-ambition, diligence, stress & frustration management, planning & fore-sight… these are the lasting qualities which will drive your movement practice more than any physical capacity or skill ever will. . . . . . . . . . . #movemore #movemoremp #movementpractice #movement #movementculture #culturadelmovimiento #patience #movementexploration #finemotorskill #movementtraining #qualities #balance #balancetraining #balancingstick #motorcontrol #finemotorskills #bodyweighttraining #bodyweightexercises #calisthenics #calisthenicsmovement #mobilitytraining #mobilityexercises #shoulderrehab #shoulderhealth #shoulderworkout #jointhealth #physicalpractice #barcelona #barcelona_cat

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