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The Puppet & The Puppeteer ⠀ One partner (the “puppeteer”) pulls invisible strings attached to the joints of the other person (the “puppet), who moves the joint and other body parts, as needed, responding to the movement of the invisible string. ⠀ It can be applied to many different tasks depending on the intention. ⠀ • Getting the partner up to standing or/and down to the floor. • Moving on the floor. On the spot and through space. • Standing up and moving on the spot with rooted feet or/and around the room. • I’m sure there are more variations to explore… ⠀ Play with making/breaking rules also. The “puppet” can play dead, for example, and make it more challenging for the “puppeteer” (gravity, physics), or he/she can help a little bit by not making so realistic and using leverage, pushing and pulling sometimes. You can also choose how to communicate with your partner. Verbal, non verbal and no communication at all. ⠀ We found great value for understanding how joints move and what they can do. Translating into body awareness. It was also good for communication skills and partner/group connection. Lots of laughs, hugs and collaboration. ⠀ #movementgames #movementtasks #taskbasedmovement #play #share #learn #research #bodyawareness #awareness #deliberatepractice #moovescuelademovimiento

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