Memory, Focus, & Learning


Memory, Focus, & Learning

Stephanie Lee



We can only pay attention to what we know exists. The relationship between memory and learning is a subject that is often thought of in a linear way. But building long term memories requires me to find many paths to learn AND feel. I do believe memory is the foundation for so many things and it’s partly why I both actively try to learn/relearn and try to investigate ways to subconsciously absorb new/old experiences physically as well.

Highlighters were like my best friend when I was in school trying to chomp on academic material. Research is still out on how effective they really are at promoting short term memory over long term memory. I feel like I have the same reliance on a short term memory tool for movement and especially dancing.

Goal for now is to provoke sensation and use it to map some kind of accuracy, pattern, driving force/initiating point. Well. I’m learning again what it means to feel vs what it means to execute.

I suspect breathing will be a large part of this research. Looking forward to letting my tired body open up to new sensations and uncomfortable/comfortable experiences again.

The binary of memory and learning. If you don’t have it, how you can still learn it?

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