Individuals Within a Duo


Individuals Within a Duo

Kim & Melissa


Business partners with a shared philosophy reveal individual insights.



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I started working in gyms in 2003. I have spent the entire time trying to convince people that the training you do indoors is just a way to facilitate more enjoyment of the activities you do outside the gym (rather than to achieve a certain “look”). But I confess that it wasn’t until 2013 when I opened POINT with @makestufftough that it occurred to me that you could actually bring the outdoors indoors for your training. ?️‍♀️ Barbells are great. I love throwing weight around just as much as the next meathead. But even though there are multiple varieties of deadlifts, there is really only one way to grab the bar. With awkward objects you have to assess the best way to pick it up, or adjust the way you pick it up based on where you grab it. You have to make a judgement of the best way to carry it based on it’s size, shape, and weight. Awareness and adaptability are more at play. ?️‍♀️ What kinds of things do you have to pick up and move around in your day-to-day life outside the gym? How does your training reflect those practices? I am super inspired by these things so let me know! • • • #trainindoorsplayoutdoors #dirtyhealth #practicalfitness #functionalfitness #movnat #naturalmovement #deadlift #liftandcarry #gymlife #weighttraining #movnatwomen #strongwomen #liftheavyshit

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There was a brief but real period in my life when I took hip hop classes. The worst part, for me, was when the instructor told us to “freestyle”. I wanted to be told exactly what to do bc that was why I was there in the first place – to learn how to dance and eventually be comfortable doing it on my own. Eventually. • Because of ground movement I now understand that the exploration of how movements connect to each other via, usually, other ground movements, is where the best learning and understanding happens. • Here I set a 5:00 clock and with no plan continuously moved. It was the perfect warmup. Try it! And don’t think too much about it. Different patterns will start to make sense and, as I found in hip hop, everyone thinks they look dumb so don’t even worry about it.

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