[*] Neo-alchemical Circle

One of my wishes for Physical Alchemy as it grows is to have humans ‘laterally transfer’ into the ‘collective’ or ‘culture’ of Physical Alchemy Neo-guild and enrich it with what they have learned and the methods they practice. This cannot just be people with interesting training heritage – hence the tests, koans and riddles to test perception. Studying too long and too varied without producing the transmutation is one of the key features in the genesis of the false-enchanter patterns… but that is a story for another article.

I am honestly interested in anyone who has accomplished this transmutation via any method. I do not overly care which methods – the stranger and further away from my own the better in many respects. I believe the transmutation of an individual human being into this state of ‘reenchantment’ acts as a stretch for the cultural-body (sorry, no evidence you will accept for this one).

The aim to simultaneously produce Reenchantment and train the physical form well forces a new ‘culture’ to appear.

And here we are.






[*] Notes

* [http://physicalalchemy.com.au/the-crafting-of-a-diagram/]
** The 5th other than myself actually occurred during the writing of this very article!

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2) [ Disenchanting Current quote]
Ouspenksy, P.D., ‘In Search of the Miraculous: fragments of an unknown teaching’, 1987, Arkana (penguin books).

“Such a course of things, that is, a change in direction, we can observe in everything. After a certain period on energetic activity or strong emotion or a right understanding a reaction comes, work becomes tedious and tiring; moments of fatigue and indifference enter into feeling; instead of right thinking a search for compromise begins; suppression; evasion of difficult problems. But the line continues to develop though now not in the same direction as at the beginning. Work becomes mechanical, feeling becomes weaker and weaker, descends to the level of the common events of the day; thought becomes dogmatic, literal. Everything proceeds in this way for a certain time, then again there is a reaction, again a stop, again a deviation. The development of the force may continue but the work which was begun with great zeal and enthusiasm has become an obligatory and useless formality; a number of entirely foreign elements have entered into feeling – considering, vexation, irritation, hostility; thought goes round in a circle, repeating what was known before, and the way out which had been found becomes more and more lost.

The same thing happens in all spheres of human activity. In literature, science, art, philosophy, religion, in individual and above all in social and political life, we can observe how the lines of the development of forces deviates from its original direction and goes, after a certain time, in a diametrically opposite direction, still preserving its former name. A study of history from this point of view shows the most astonishing facts which mechanical humanity is far from desiring to notice.” [p129]

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