Defining Neutral Spine

Neutral Spine Posture 1

Defining Neutral Spine

Gary Stockdale


Spinal surgeons, orthopedists, and rehab specialists alike, all have some sort of protocol that they utilize for spinal stabilization. Methods of “Core Training”, if you will. The people who undergoe this type of “Therapy”, whether by virtue of them having a disc laminectomy, spinal fusion, chronic low back pain, stenosis, sciatica, scoliosis etcetera… all have a diminished understanding of their spinal curves, which has led to their current predicament.


“Neutral Spine” is the term given to the state in which, the 3 spinal curves (Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar) are balanced, aligned with one another and centered. There is much stigma around the topic of Neutral spine, generally because:


•Patients have such a diminished understanding of their spine, that the education they get in an hour of rehab a week (if that), is not sufficient enough to overcome it.
•Practitioners don’t facilitate the appropriate activations to create the aforementioned “balanced” scenario. And they seldomly address the prerequiste mobility through the pelvis and thoracic spine, required to create neutral spine.
• And the intense focus on the stabilizing position, makes people feel like they shouldn’t leave it, OR ELSE…


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