Runner’s Restorative Groundwork

Andre Miller


This one is for all the runners out there, especially those headed to the #bostonmarathon ! An example of the isolation, integration and improvisation process for working the lateral aspects of the hip, psoas and #itband . First abduction to breathe through the peak contraction of the glut meds and it band all the way out the tip of the pinky toe. Second hipulation, begin to internally and externally rotate the femur, with all the slack in the leg gathered up by lifting, reaching and rotating the rest of the body should begin to move if it is relaxed. Lastly locamation, allow the body to relax and move simultaneously to smooth out any hiccups in the transfer of kinetic energy from the foot out the top of the head, shoulders and arms. Be as expansive and aligned as possible. This is a great move to both relax and build the locomotive muscles of the stride. Fully give the your weight to the ground while reaching up and away. Think about pandiculating (yawnstretching) and drawing the stride out as long and open as possible. Remember if you are running Boston this year your left hip should be up to work the opposite side as seen in this video. #runnershealth #healingthestride #theboostfromtheearth

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Part 2 of #healingthestride for #runners . Same process as the first, an isolated exercise integrated into the locomotive pattern which results in improvisational patterns stemming from a central locomotive core. The first exercise two posts ago focuses on the abductors and lateral movement while this one continues development around to the posterio-lateral areas. The posterior aspects of the #glutemedius , #itband , #peroneals , #multifidus and even the lateral #footarches are trained to contract simultaneously with the locomotive pattern. It would be accurate to say that this movement clears up a lot of trauma caused by excessive braking forces in the stride and trains the body to push the terrain behind oneself. Needless to say, there are some prerequisite #quadstretches and #sacralopening that should occur before attempting. And of course go way slower and visualize the pattern because its great for anyone looking to run the #Bostonmarathon ! #running #jogging #gait

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