August 3, 2017

On Finding Truths


Scott Daly   Growing up, I was a regular North American male focused on what my friends and I deemed worthy and having a good time. At 22 I was in a car accident breaking my pelvis and rupturing my bladder. This changed my life dramatically and led me to a background in rehabilitation and […]

Three Things Psychotherapy Teaches Us About Effective Coaching


Movement is amazingly complex. What we quickly realize is that there’s more to the body than muscle and bone.  We have tendons, ligaments, connective tissues of all kinds…and a nervous system to top it all off. But what’s most confusing for so many movement practitioners is the mind-body connection.  In fact the whole idea of […]

Slow, Breakdown, Play

Chandler Insta

How do you go from “Woah, that looks cool ?” to “Oh, I think I can do that?” —————————————— I saw this movement somewhere in the murky depths of #movementculture yesterday and thought it looked fun. —————————————— So…1) Ensure your joints can do SLOW what you’re about to ask them to do FAST. Controlled articular […]

Perception, Permission, And Possibility


I was struck by a question the other day: How do we perceive what’s real?  What are the boundaries we live by, and what compels us to follow them? It’s something I’ve been deeply curious about in my work as a somatic coach.  Very often I find that when someone develops more options for better […]