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An Ask to Receive

Chris Ruffolo The premise of this site was clear from the start: give it all away.  Remove barriers to access, ...
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The Young Teacher

Nick Konow This is what I believe.  It is not correct. A young teacher insists on the work, and that ...
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The Bad & The Best

Alex Sporticus A couple of weeks ago, Edutopia published an article entitled 5 Fun Gym Games to Get Kids Moving. I found the ...
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Cheat Codes with Adarian Barr

Adarian Barr Christine Ruffolo Part One: Biarticulate Muscles & Rotations iFrame is not supported! Part Two: Q & A from ...
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Students & the System

Christine Ruffolo Amongst other things, COVID-19 revealed how fragile the American educational system is, and how unadaptable it is to ...
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Rethinking ‘Broad’ & ‘Balanced’ in PE

Alex Sporticus I dislike the guiding principles of ‘broad‘ and ‘balanced‘ when it comes to thinking about the PE curriculum ...
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Ten Thoughts on PE Curriculum Change

Alex Sporticus “How you view the nature of the world and change – either as stable ‘things’ and ‘entities’ or ...
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Performance and Learning in PE

Alex Sporticus “Finally, given that the goal of instruction and practice— whether in the classroom or on the field—should be ...
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The Split Squat

Jason Round ...
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An Island of Adjustment

Jeremy Fein View this post on Instagram A post shared by Jeremy Fein (@jeremyfein) ...
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