On Hierarchies & Importance


Amelia Chan   I like to stay away from describing certain notes being more important than others. To me a piece of music is like a painting. One could not leave out any patch of color or shape in the background of a painting – no matter how small. Literally every color and  shade that […]

The Bad & The Best


Alex Sporticus   A couple of weeks ago, Edutopia published an article entitled 5 Fun Gym Games to Get Kids Moving. I found the subsequent commentary on the article, mainly via Twitter, absolutely fascinating. Whilst I could understand many of the points made from a range of perspectives, the conversations around the article made me consider how I’ve changed my thinking […]

Learning Perception


Dare Sohei   heres a working list of things i do and have done to think/perceive the way i do. i come from a pretty normal background — poverty, depression, anxiety, no college, lots of illnesses, addiction etc.   my saving grace was probably the things that also screwed me up, which was animistic perception […]

On Learning & Listening

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Amelia Chan   I’ve come to find that learning and listening are one and the same. How one receives information determines how much one learns (or listens). Often people stop information from coming in. They hear another person say something, and they immediately convert that to what their own pre-conceived notion of what that thing […]

Perspective & Diversity


Amelia Chan   I’ve been invited to be a contributor in this collective of movement people and thinkers called ThinkMovement. I was frankly surprised, but so very honored, by this invitation – as these are not only people whom I have a lot of respect for, but also from whom I’ve been learning a ton. […]

Binary Fictions vs. Complex Realities

dare string

Dare Sohei   why & how so many “logics” are poisoning us into monsters, a furiously incomplete discourse on furiously incomplete discourses   this will be a ramble. i like rambles. #deathjazz this week we got the pereniall christo fascists wanting to overturn roe vs wade thing again, because their idea of heaven-on-earth is a […]

Memetic Cadavery


Dave Wardman   [*] memetic cadavery I   Recently I shared a meme to this group entitled ’20-something year old thiiinkers’.   Now the attention-wave hath passed, I shall dissect it in terms of a ‘commentary on the disenchantment features’ it is poking fun at. On the other side of the earth it is still the […]

Curiosity Part 3: Kill the Cat

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Austin Einhorn   LINKS TO PART 1 & PART 2 It’s hard to foster curiosity in athletes when you are an incurious coach. Athletes and coaches are submerged in an incurious culture where the norms are repetition and monotony rather than exploration and learning. What’s worse, sadly, is that many people think machine-like repetition is learning. When I look […]

Removing, Not Adding


Craig Mallett   We often say in the tradition that the Daoist way is one of removing, not adding. Yet the first thing we do is learn a million practices. So what do we mean by this? It’s useful to remind ourselves that the exercises (and the way we exercise) are the tools we use to aid […]

A Daoist Perspective on Choice, Values, and the Virus


Craig Mallett   I’ve had a good amount of people ask me what the Daoist view of the current situation with viruses and vaccines and lockdowns and so on is, so I thought I’d reiterate the main points I keep making with people by writing a juicy article. The Da Xuan tradition differs from many […]

A Note To Self


Christian Paev   a note to self   ”persist – from Latin persistere, from per- ‘through, steadfastly’ + sistere ‘to stand’ ”   To the people who pursue change in their lives and especially to my own self.   Systems have capacity.   Not using any of the capacities you possess would shrink them like […]

Question Size & Solutions


Jeremy Fein   The Medium Ones are Holding You Back (Nov. 16th Audio – 1:41)   Let’s take sleep as an example. You’re busy at work, taking care of the kid and the dog, and stressed about the news. You’re not sleeping enough, but there’s no way out! …or is there? Ask a Bigger Question […]

Changing Others


Brendan Lea   Hello, I have received feedback that I am trying to change others. From my perspective I am trying to help, motivate and inspire. However, after receiving this feedback from a couple of people (one being my partner), I am beginning to think that I may have a blind spot. What is the […]

General Preparatory Studies

name of wind

Dave Wardman   I had three quotes in mind for this piece but have only found two of them. Not to matter, as this will be a topic that I will return to a number of times and add depth to.  It is something I have an ongoing curiosity with. The basic premise is something along […]

How Do You Feel?

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Gary Stockdale Nick Konow       View this post on Instagram   You read one question, but I am asking two. One asks you to take inventory and the other inquires how you look for it. I have always been particularly aware of the tensions I carry (emotional or physical), but early into my […]

Musings from a Transformed Being

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Dare Sohei   Healing doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll feel less pain, or have less pain. It may, but it may also mean that the pain that’s there/here won’t take up all your attention, won’t distract you from what you CAN do, what else you can feel, what else is possible. Healing is a long game. […]

Relational Perspectives

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Mars Ciccarelli       View this post on Instagram   I’ve repeatedly had some of the same thoughts peep its head into my brain these last few days. 1. Abstraction of an art form/discipline : how we can abandon the classic view of a form to then evolve into a personal iteration. What becomes […]

Challenge is Relative


Cat Cowey   I was waiting for a friend of mine when my phone rang. Wind whipped in the background as she explained she was in the headlands still. Knowing the headlands were 10 miles past her original run I sensibly thought she must have driven there. She went on to explain that in fact […]