Your body is not broken, it’s confused


Tom Morrison This is probably going to be the most interesting article you’ll ever read in your life, probably the most beneficial too. Not because I am gorgeous, incredibly handsome and good looking.. but more because of the dots I am about to connect which apply to EVERYTHING. I have been grabbing as much knowledge […]

Getting Articular Independence


Christine Ruffolo   As examined in my previous post, joint function defines what kind of movements you are prepared to perform. Articular independence must come before articular interdependence. The ability to isolate a particular joint leads to more control, increased awareness, and lessening of pain. Below, Dr. Andreo Spina reveals a corresponding case study: A […]

The NEW Joint-By-Joint Approach


Christine Ruffolo   The popular — and still conceptually relevant — joint-by-joint approach championed a decade ago lent logic to the idea that a problem that revealed itself in one area may be caused by dysfunction in another.  There were stable joints, and there were mobile joints, and the function of these joints alternated based on proximity. […]

Exploring Controlled Articular Rotations (CARs)


Christine Ruffolo   Controlled Articular Rotations (CARs) are the entrance point to Dr. Andreo Spina’s Functional Range Conditioning system:   They are meant to: 1. assess joint health (particularly the function of the deep joint capsule) 2. maintain outer ranges of motion 3. rehabilitate through anti-inflammatory movement   ASSESSING JOINT HEALTH Before beginning, we cannot […]