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Learning & Play: You Have to Want It

Dare Carrasquillo “But because we do not have real robust diverse communities of care, with diverse multicultural behaviors of coherence, ...
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Clarifying Motivations & Losing Expectations

Craig Mallett Our imagination and dreams, linked to the hun and the wood energy, are an important tool for driving ...
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Roundtable #13 – Popularity

What is your relationship with popularity? Most people seem to want it and yet it comes with all kinds of ...
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Getting Rid of Chronic Back Pain

Tom Morrison Chronic lower back pain is no joke. Yes, it’s physically painful but the mental aspects aren’t talked about ...
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Hypermobile Jar Opening

Catherine Cowey View this post on Instagram A post shared by Catherine Cowey (@catherinecowey) ...
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Pressure, Tendinopathy, & Movement

Jenn Pilotti I recently went down a rabbit hole, like I sometimes do, about tendinopathy. Tendinopathy is a poorly understood ...
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I Hate CARs

Samantha Faulhaber View this post on Instagram A post shared by Samantha Faulhaber (@shamanicsam) ...
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On Hierarchies & Importance

Amelia Chan I like to stay away from describing certain notes being more important than others. To me a piece ...
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Cheat Codes with Adarian Barr

Adarian Barr Christine Ruffolo Part One: Biarticulate Muscles & Rotations iFrame is not supported! Part Two: Q & A from ...
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Two Ways to Know the Body

Jim Freda Two Ways to Know the Body: Abstract Reason vs. Direct Experience Through my entire life I was never ...
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