July 31, 2017

Pain Exploration: Medial Knee

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For about two months, I’ve had some chronic discomfort in my left knee.  On a scale of 1-10, with ’10’ being agony and ‘1’ being noticeable/annoying, it oscillates between 1 and 4.  Though this might be thought of as acceptable to many, I want zeroes.  I spent a decade in pain playing rugby.  I’m over […]

Learning Acrobatics and Developing Elasticity


Movement overlaps. Brain work = joint work = speed, power, strength, and coordination work. We have structures and we have capacities. Our practice establishes the abilities of both. There is a general consensus that if your parts work better you’ll be able to perform better and do better things. But what exactly would you DO […]

Physical Re-patterning Work


Dave Wardman I am interested in Change.  Specifically I am interested in transmutation of human beings across all levels. My studies have taken me through a diverse range of fields of inquiry:  firstly at university and crucible of the martial arts dojo; body work training and apprenticeship with an embodied philosopher; studies with jivamukta and […]