July 28, 2017

Stick Games 1

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Stick games & riddles. • #stick #play #games #teamwork #fun #movement #adaptchangeplay #barcelona #comeplaywithus A post shared by Miguel Viero (@atletaurbano) on Jul 12, 2017 at 10:54am PDT

Fear & Awareness

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Still a long way to go with this one but working on getting over the hesitation before going backwards. “Commit and follow my hand” I tell myself before going back but to often, in a rush to just do it, I don’t follow my own instruction. 2 concepts are at play here. Fear and awareness. […]

Meaning in Movement

Movement Culture

The parts of our PE curriculum that I find the most difficult to teach are establishing behaviours for movement (Affective Domain) and finding meaning in movement. Whilst basic sports psychology may have the potential answers for the former, I continue to struggle with the latter as it isn’t one that can be taught. It isn’t as simple as […]

Movement Translation and Empathy


“Translation allows for otherwise separate entities to synapse and communicate.” I have been a teacher for thirteen years and a movement therapist for five.  As I toggle through the two professions, an unlikely blend has taken place.  I find myself teaching those that come to see me for pain.  Instead of jogging laps, students lead spinal […]