July 24, 2017

Daily Practice and Stress


Nelson Cuadras My movement practice is an escape from my sedentary work life as an internet freelancer and the anxieties and stresses that can come from it. So why did it take me so long to abandon these same stressors from my movement practice? Questioning my practice and gaining insight from my coaches and peers […]

Constraints Based Learning

Screenshot 2017 08 03 11.23.18

  View this post on Instagram I got a question by email this morning about shoulder pain…until I have time to make a full video, here's an example of what you might play with in the meantime. I often call it "constraints-based exploration" with my students. —————————————- 1) First and foremost DO NOT move into […]

Your body is not broken, it’s confused

Broken Image

Tom Morrison This is probably going to be the most interesting article you’ll ever read in your life, probably the most beneficial too. Not because I am gorgeous, incredibly handsome and good looking.. but more because of the dots I am about to connect which apply to EVERYTHING. I have been grabbing as much knowledge […]