An Attentive Walk & Talk


Christine Ruffolo   In an unassuming day in July 2022, I attended a workshop entitled “The Musicality of Being” in Washington DC.  It was lead by Seth Dellinger, a Feldenkrais practitioner with a story so wild I’m not going to touch upon it here.  That is for him to discuss.  We met at a picnic […]

The Work of Bal-A-Vis-X


Christine Ruffolo   Please note that this is documenting one person’s experience with a single Bal-A-Vis-X training weekend.  Like any other system presented here, it is an interpretation of meaningful components personally gathered and selected, NOT a representation of the accuracy and/or scope of the system itself.   One cannot talk about Bal-A-Vis-X without first […]

Almog Loven Part 1: Physical


Christine Ruffolo   I got to the Finnish Hall early.  I always get there early, especially on the first day.  I was eager and curious to participate in a workshop I knew nothing about.  The rare glowing recommendation of an internet personality and a cancelled Spring Break trip to Mexico had led me here last […]

Matan Levowich


Christine Ruffolo   Matan Levkowich is a dancer, choreographer, and martial artist.  Another of the incredible Israeli movers, he is able to pluck out threads from all the worlds he has immersed himself in and deliver them in practical form.  He first blipped on my radar during a conversation with Marlo Fisken.  She was hosting […]

Tom Weksler

Tom Weksler 2

Christine Ruffolo   Tom Weksler’s Movement Archery workshop was a lesson in angular momentum.  We rolled, we spun, we bruised our pointy bits.  Imagine an archer drawing back his bow, creating length and space from which to effortlessly propel himself.  Spiralling was the general means to generate kinetic potential, from foot to head and left to […]

Teaching Workshops

Screen Shot 2018 05 15 At 3.43.47 Pm

Jenn Pilotti   I have always enjoyed in-person learning. While I am self motivated and have no problem learning on my own, there is something about the energy from other people and a person engaging you, challenging your perspective and making you think a little bit harder than you otherwise might that is rewarding. When […]