Similar Same #1: Neck Extension


A series looking at different means to say/ do the same things.       View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Austin Einhorn | Apiros (@austineinhorn_)     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Human Animation (@briangfox)         [Feature Photo by Olga Drach on […]

Working with Knee Pain


Brandon Chien   Here’s how you can begin working with knee-pain and get stronger right now.   A common strategy for relieving knee pain is to begin losing weight. Doctors will tell you that if your knee has less load to bear, it won’t struggle. But the truth is, the muscles around your knee need […]

Parkour Footwork: Entrance Options (Part Three)


Jereme Sanders   Part One: Step Length & Consistency Part Two: Ambidexterity & Tempo Mastery of Ambidexterity This will be a recurring theme for flow and it’s just as important here as it was with the steps. You may have a preference for your most powerful movements but for most of what you do, it will […]

The $500 Game

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Jenn Pilotti       View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Jenn Pilotti (@jenn_pilotti)

Applied Movement Context

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Jason Round     View this post on Instagram   AN APPLIED MOVEMENT CONTEXT which tests upper-body strength, mobility, structural awareness, skill & problem-solving 🧩 • Regardless of how many pull-ups or muscle-up you have, those are singular movement contexts which give you no guarantee of applicability. When you find yourself with only one hand […]

Coordination Variability

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Dave Pelletier “The Ball Is In My Court” There is an old adage that it is difficult to walk and chew gum at the same time. This study was to disprove that theorem and show a synergy and rhythm between upper extremity and lower extremity activity. And just a plain fun hand and eye coordination […]