Distributed Networks


Dare Sohei   Praxis, Dreaming Praxis – Distributed Networks & “The ODDI Approach” to wellbeing, trauma and creativity Hello & Blessings, I’m Dare and my website is www.bodyaltar.org I’ll cut to the chase and then expand. 5-10 minutes daily (i.e. consistently & frequently) actually works better than 1 hour once a week. Nibbling is better […]

Chronic Fatigue and Pain


Dare Sohei   Hello & Blessings I wanted to start a newer series of posts that laid out some general maps/approaches in easy language, around some of the common intertwined topics in trauma healing, animism and creativity. Some of this is just for the sake of expediency, as I spend a lot of my time […]

Musings from a Transforming Being

dare 2

Dare Sohei   MUSIC IS BLOOD Ritual is a creative process of attunement through which we can co-regulate our nervous systems with the more-than-human world. Largely, i feel the interpersonal neurobiology lens is crafted out of the white (supremacy) lens, even as it helpfully focuses us towards our mammalian and evolutionary biology… it still myopically […]