Joint Specific Band Work


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Tasha Louie   Perhaps you don’t lack mobility. Perhaps you aren’t weak. Perhaps, there’s nothing wrong with you or how you move. Perhaps, you haven’t trained, used, or practiced your mobility/strength/coordination like you did when you were younger. Perhaps, you’ve out trained, used, or practiced other aspects of your physical ability than your mobility/strength/coordination as […]

*True* Sport Specific Training

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Austin Einhorn   We incorrectly assume certain lifts are sport-specific because they involve the same limb used in competition—logical but way too generic. For example, someone might argue, “Compared to a knee extension machine, squatting is sport-specific [literally, pick any sport] because it involves multiple leg joints and the sport involves multiple leg joints.” If […]

You Decide What’s Optimal

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Tasha Louie     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by T A S H A (@tasha.louie)     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by T A S H A (@tasha.louie) In case you missed this in the comments of post #2:

Training After Baby


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Everyday Things

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Where I Went Wrong


Tom Morrison   The non-negotiables from the “Where I Went Wrong” ebook Take these in and implement them and you will run into a lot less problems in training, and life:   1. Move your neck every which way every day! Look left, look right, look up, look down, look side to side and every […]

Integrating Multiple Systems

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Calisthenics Strength Training Principles

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Fanny Tulloch   What is this thing you call “Calisthenics Strength training”? The definition of the word Calisthenics varies greatly. If you ask Wikipedia it says the words Kallos and Sthenos comes from the Greek and means Beauty and Strength (great mental strength, courage, strength, determination). “It is the art of using one’s body weight as resistance in order to develop physique”. Further on it […]

Solo Grappling

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Margot Ciccarelli     View this post on Instagram   Building a solo practice was not something that originated in quarantine for me. This solo drill video was taken last February in Melbourne (@absolutemmastkilda) before sharing my dualistic approach with @athleticplayground Being able to peek into the dance world, (especially into the contemporary dance, contact […]

Stress Test: One Minute in the Hole


Jason Round       View this post on Instagram   STRESS MANAGEMENT: a simple frame I use for “stress testing”. Take an ACTIVE squat position & choose your weight wisely. Maintain your form throughout the 1 minute and have enough in the tank for the concentric. As a diagnosis tool it can also highlight […]

A Pliable Low Back

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Brandon Chien     View this post on Instagram   Do you strength train? Then you might also notice a little fear of getting injured and not being able to function in your daily life. I sure had them when I started barbell training, and had to learn the hard way searching for solutions.⁣ ⠀ […]

A Life No Longer Your Own

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Sevinc Gurmen     View this post on Instagram   I just love this photo @e.t.bewild took today while I was lifting. I am breastfeeding here in between sets, because my chubby munchkin needed a little soothing! Everybody says that your life changes so much after having a baby, but you don’t quite get it […]

Swings, Techniques, and Design


Austin Einhorn   THIS ARTICLE IS ONLY ABOUT TWO THINGS, REALLY. IT’S ABOUT HOW THE HUMAN ORGANISM IS DESIGNED AND HOW IT LEARNS. Since sports require skills, improving them is perhaps the one thing coaches are responsible for, by the current definition of the role. However, most coaches know almost nothing about the topic. A […]

On Parenting & Fitness


Andre Miller   I was three years into my career as a personal trainer when I first seriously started considering the impact of parenting on fitness. A middle aged couple I was training made an offhand comment chatting after a workout, “People that are our age who don’t have kids are weird.” I took the […]

Roundtable #4 – Bookends of Practice


Feature photo morzaszum from Pixabay.   WHAT ARE THE BOOKENDS OF YOUR PERSONAL PRACTICE? How do you begin your training sessions?  How do you know when you are done?   For me, it’s hard to tell an end when everywhere I go I see things to hang or dance on.  In my Jam sessions I tend to […]

The Training Hole


Miguel Viero The other day I got some feedback from someone who came to my group classes for a month. To give some context I have to say that this person comes from spending years going to a conventional big chain gym, working out with machines and doing group fitness classes. This person combined both […]