Touch & the Absence of Touch


Jim Freda   In a world where everyone is profoundly touch deprived, touch can easily equal trauma, or invoke traumatic memories.  It is unexpected and can be manipulative because we are not connected to one another. When I attended the 18th meeting of United States Association for Body Psychotherapy (USABP), I found that they understood […]

The Origin of Adaptable Polarity (Part 1) : Opposites


Jordan Terry   Adaptable Polarity (AP) developed from the idea that we, as humans, need to adapt to all sorts of occasions in our lives. It, also, came about from noticing that the world we live in is continually moving and consistently inconsistent. This movement of life does however have a fundamental principle to flow […]

The Two Things Your Body Needs


Samantha Faulhaber   Remember these and you basically have the avenue to helping anything your body has going on. Your tissues are effectively seeking out two things for healing: Electricity and hydration. Dehydrated tissues are stuck together, stiff, and consequently end up affecting the tissues around them by making them take on more of the […]

FR Systems Movement Coaching


Brian Fox     FR Systems & Kettlebell coaching. ➡FRA (Spine): Low back pain. Kyphotic, hinge points at cervical level 5/6, T12/L1 and sacroiliac joint & L5. Zero segmental control in cervical, thoracic and lumbar. C-spine and hips do all of the work for lumbar (Flexion & extension), thoracic (flexion, rotation & extension). ➡FRA Hips: […]