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Build Hanging Strength from Zero


Tom Morrison   There are some things in life that can get taken away from us as we get older, and hanging is one of them! As you age, your upper back and shoulders can start to become really stiff especially if you aren’t putting your arms above your head regularly. When you’re too old […]

Maybe You Just Need a Wiggle

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Tom Morrison One of most surprising things I deal with is the fact that people WANT a diagnosis. They want to be told that they have Scapular Dyskinesis, that their Scapulothoracic Glenohumeral Rhythm is presenting as abnormal and that they need 16 weeks of diaphragmatic breathing correctives, pectoralis minor trigger point release and serratus anterior […]

Why Muscle Imbalances Happen (and What You Can Do About Them)


Tom Morrison   When you have knowledge of training, the body, how to deal with flexibility limitations, injuries (past or present) and muscular differences, you can fall into the trap of having  “too much information”… and pretty much over complicate everything, making you think you are “dysfunctional” in multiple ways – which is rarely the […]

Getting Rid of Chronic Back Pain


Tom Morrison   Chronic lower back pain is no joke. Yes, it’s physically painful but the mental aspects aren’t talked about enough. No one wants to live their life with a pain that makes everyday tasks feel harder than they should be… it’s exhausting. People who haven’t experienced prolonged periods of pain can’t understand just […]

Fix Your Weak Wrists


Tom Morrison   Many people overlook the little guys, but if you’ve ever had a wrist or hand injury, you know how limiting it is! And frustrating! Like… the rest of your body is fine… but you can’t hold anything! Knowledge around wrist health & strength is severely lacking. It’s shocking to see just how […]

Redefining ‘Muscle Firing’


Tom Morrison   Have you ever been told or thought that a certain muscle just isn’t firing?   Unfortunately, a muscle firing has nothing to do with cool laser beams shooting from your double bicep pose… much to my immense disappointment… but instead it’s a much more confusing term that has people scratching their heads […]

How to Fix Constantly Tight Hamstrings

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Tom Morrison   Listen here, Susan! (I don’t know your name so I will call you Susan for this blog.) You’re blaming your hamstrings for everything, when they’re probably the thing trying to hold your body together – and the stuff you keep doing to them won’t help because it’s not what they actually need! […]

Where I Went Wrong


Tom Morrison   The non-negotiables from the “Where I Went Wrong” ebook Take these in and implement them and you will run into a lot less problems in training, and life:   1. Move your neck every which way every day! Look left, look right, look up, look down, look side to side and every […]

Sockets, Torsion, & Squat Depth


Tom Morrison   There’s a serious amount of confusion in the exercise world over what a squat should look like, what’s the most beneficial depth, or the most effective stance. People who’ve “figured it out” argue that it’s their way or the highway, then other people saying that everyone’s squat will be different based on their hip […]

How Long Does it Take to Get Flexible?


Tom Morrison   If you’re asking this question it could that you’re genuinely curious how long it takes and would happily accept the answer… or you’re hoping to find someone promising that you can get flexible fast. If it’s the latter, you sound exactly like me many moons ago! Any “quick fix” presented to me, […]

The Things You Tell Yourself


Tom Morrison   I’m guilty of this, so I feel a bit hypocritical, but it needs pointing out that our body is extremely influenced by what our brain says about it. We latch onto things. Parts of our physical health come to define us as a person: “I have a bad back”, “that’s my bad […]

Is Sitting Too Much Really Ruining Your Mobility?


Tom Morrison   Your back hurts, your hip hurts, your shoulders and neck are always sore from being slumped over your desk or behind the wheel all the time – damn daily life tasks! They’re ruining your flexibility and movement forever, right!? Well, wrong.   It’s a bit of a cop out really if I’m […]

Hips Back Connection


Tom Morrison   One of the greatest things that came from my back injury was the amount I learned about how hips work and how the slightest imbalance is ok, but if you pass the tipping point – you are in for a world of hurt… Maybe not today, Or tomorrow Or even the next […]

3 Tips to Stop Joint Pain


Tom Morrison   There’s nothing worse than just being sore. Like, not even having a good story behind your aches and pains… you’re just… sore. Why? Um… because.   Years ago, I went through a spell of elbow pain with two sore knees to accompany it. Leading up to my back injury I was just […]

Spend Time with the Knowledge You Have


Tom Morrison   I’m just back from a few days away and as much as I’d like to tell you I had an epiphany or a moment of realisation that would let me tell you how to live your life…….!! …. I did not. I ate battered chicken and drank some wine… Had a cuddle […]

Symptom Chasing


Tom Morrison If someone has a problem and they only address the specific site of pain as it happens, refusing to think about the bigger picture of why it happened or how to prevent it, then they are a symptom chaser.   The conversation you will have will a symptom chaser goes like this: Them: My […]

The Dangers of Misinterpreting Coaching Cues


Tom Morrison   I’m really excited about writing this one as it really brings home to me what “coaching” actually is. No matter how many books you read, no matter how many courses you do, you have to learn “how to people”.   One of the coolest phrases I was told once about coaching cues […]