Passive to Active Tissue Lengthening


Brian Fox   [Description below.]   Affect connective tissue architecture by training at length for 2+ minutes. Intent: Passively acquire length then actively try to maintain that length and internally load the bioflow. Straining the connective tissue at length. A two minute stretch specifically intended for the anterior knee and thigh in hip extension and […]

Start with Universe – Structure (Part 2)


Jordan Terry Part 1 of this series.   “Homeostasis represents a self-organized system derived from the many complex interacting dynamic equilibria necessary to maintain life. Stress initially drives this system toward chaos, but as with all self-organized systems it resists perturbation by generating either short-term compensations (if the initial stressor is resolved) or long-term compensations […]

Treatment & Tissue Quality

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Brian Fox     View this post on Instagram   Keep an eye on these two in treatments and in training, they’ve been know to cause mischief. . 🪁🪁🪁 Remember there are only two things we can actually feel and manage in treatment from a tissue quality perspective: neurological and mechanical tension. We cannot rub, […]