Red, Black, & White Paths

Red Door

Dare Carrasquillo (Sohei)   “An Ode to ming/ Charles, my teacher.”   1.Red path talk: the red path is ruthless. It demands honesty beyond human preferences. The red path teaches by taking away, it is a path of conflict, of friction, of constant pressures. Most of us only have some red path leaning, some have […]

Thinking with the Body


Chandler Stevens   It only took us 400 years, but we’re finally remembering that the body is the foundation of our cognitive function, meaning that our mental health and performance is developed from the bottom up. Perhaps more significant: the way that you carry yourself (that is, what you do with the body – how […]

Two Ways to Know the Body


Jim Freda Two Ways to Know the Body: Abstract Reason vs. Direct Experience   Through my entire life I was never interested in American or Western history. I studied the history of Japan and Korea at Columbia and then for eight more years at UCLA. That was a long time ago, but I have been […]

Binary Fictions vs. Complex Realities

Dare String

Dare Sohei   why & how so many “logics” are poisoning us into monsters, a furiously incomplete discourse on furiously incomplete discourses   this will be a ramble. i like rambles. #deathjazz this week we got the pereniall christo fascists wanting to overturn roe vs wade thing again, because their idea of heaven-on-earth is a […]

Memetic Cadavery


Dave Wardman   [*] memetic cadavery I   Recently I shared a meme to this group entitled ’20-something year old thiiinkers’.   Now the attention-wave hath passed, I shall dissect it in terms of a ‘commentary on the disenchantment features’ it is poking fun at. On the other side of the earth it is still the […]

What Thinking Looks Like

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Chris Davis     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Chris Davis (@hellotoallthefishes)     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Chris Davis (@hellotoallthefishes)