Rooting & Grasping


Andre Miller     View this post on Instagram   There are no superfluous modalities to the #rootsfitness training program or philosophical core. There are no fancy party tricks or even bodily aesthetic aims, if any of those sorts of things develop they are purely byproducts of a process geared towards restoring integrity to the […]

Softness vs. Stiffness


Andre Miller     View this post on Instagram   Una ejercisios combinacion fantasica. Es sola un combinacion de ejersisios entre un multitudes de ejersisios. Pero ellos son mi ejesisios. Mi ejersisios son ejesisios con corazon. Quieres un vida fantastica? Necesitas ejersisios fatasticos! Quieres el mundo fatastico? Necesitamos el hombres y las mujeres con corazon. […]

The Seven Systema Principles of Breathing


Andre Miller Breath is The Great Communicator within the body. Awareness is the product of electrical potentiation within the nervous system. From this awareness, all functions of the body are carried out. Oxygen fans the neurological flame of awareness. The imagery of breaths moving through the body are akin to waves crashing on the beach. […]

Resistance to Assistance


Andre Miller We all need help. Receiving help is a matter of making oneself accessable to forces or power. If you are incapable of receiving help you have not become independent, you have cut yourself off from the influences in your life that can provide growth. Anything that is strong or powerful is so because […]

Breath, Kinetic Energy, Creativity

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Andre Miller   Good people of the Earth! Coming to you live and direct from a bit earlier today, it’s #rootsfitness #exerciseprogramming . A 5 part miniseries depicting what a good days #workout looks like. This first little nugget of an appetizer starts with slow, breath led, full body, integrated movement to warm the tastebuds. […]

Systema – Basics and Developing Ideas

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Andre Miller Systema is a Russian martial art based on fluidity and effortless movement.¬† The following games and demonstrations hope to guide the user into its basic principles and applicable tangents.   Low Pushover ¬†OBJECTIVE: push partner over by pressing against torso Develops softness, tension awareness, and alignment of actions/interactions with breathing Key points: both […]