Human Crossbow


Dave Wardman   [*] the human crossbow [ base ingredient ] I remember receiving a message from a very excited [K] about a ‘fantastic new pec stretch’, whilst he was overseas [japan?] teaching workshops. The stretch was, of course, the stretch that would go on to become known as ‘the human crossbow‘ [or ‘the crossbow’]. There is […]

Passive to Active Tissue Lengthening


Brian Fox   [Description below.]   Affect connective tissue architecture by training at length for 2+ minutes. Intent: Passively acquire length then actively try to maintain that length and internally load the bioflow. Straining the connective tissue at length. A two minute stretch specifically intended for the anterior knee and thigh in hip extension and […]

Work or Stretch a Tweaked Muscle?


 Brandon Chien   It hurts! How do I know if I should stretch or work the muscle? When my clients have pain or stiffness that they don’t know what to do with, I have a “Sherlock Holmes” method of helping them figure out what it needs to feel better. It’s simple and I want to […]

Opening up the Front


Dave Wardman   [*] Bridging [a.k.a Backbending] Bridging is found in many different physical culture disciplines: from the backbends of yoga; to the wrestler’s bridge; its use in feats of strength in circus performances; to its more dynamic and mobile expressions in capoeira or demonic possession. The posture itself can and should be viewed as […]

Meetings With an Auspicious Man


Frederick Beck, co-conspirator of Dave Wardman   Glimpses from an apprenticeship in Physical Alchemy This is an idiosyncratic tale concerning my strange apprenticeship with [DW] in Physical Alchemy.  By necessity the exposition is personal and experiential.  If the reader is searching for a study guide or the Physical Alchemy ‘101’ ye shall not find’eth it […]