Safety & Behavior


Christine Ruffolo   The following is part one of my course notes and findings from Stress, Movement, and Pain.   Linked through the perception of threat and cause to protect,  Seth Oberst generously delivered on the hows, whats, and whys between sensation (or lack thereof) and chronic stress.  Ultimately, he offered up a framework to identify and […]

Stress Test: One Minute in the Hole


Jason Round       View this post on Instagram   STRESS MANAGEMENT: a simple frame I use for “stress testing”. Take an ACTIVE squat position & choose your weight wisely. Maintain your form throughout the 1 minute and have enough in the tank for the concentric. As a diagnosis tool it can also highlight […]



Craig Mallett   My studies in self development have been long and varied, spanning (so far) over 16 years and including forays into traditional Chinese martial arts, gymnastic strength training, flexibility and mobility of many kinds, natural movement, parkour, dance, movement culture, and the more popularized forms of strength and conditioning training. In the last […]

Catastrophizers vs. Minimizers


Cat Cowey ARE YOU A CATASTROPHIZER OR MINIMIZER? The Spectrum of How We Manage Chronic Conditions. I do a lot of research on hypermobility and work with hypermobile clients. In some cases the cause of hypermobility is an inherited collagen disorder that is a chronic condition. Like many chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia, or chronic […]

Daily Practice and Stress


Nelson Cuadras My movement practice is an escape from my sedentary work life as an internet freelancer and the anxieties and stresses that can come from it. So why did it take me so long to abandon these same stressors from my movement practice? Questioning my practice and gaining insight from my coaches and peers […]