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Facing Fears


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Cold Splits Challenge

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Spontaneity & Fear

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Steph Lee     View this post on Instagram   Spontaneous backbends..are so not my thing. Years ago, I was hit by a car. My youthful ego pushed me back into dancing after 20 days of rehab. I kind of regretted not taking time out for myself then but shook the feelings off. “My body […]

Studying Failure


Stephanie Lee   For every success, there are countless examples of failure we don’t ever see or hear of. But, how frequently do we study failure? In others and ourselves? By studying failures, we get more bang for our buck and the analysis often goes far deeper and becomes intricately fascinating. If you want to […]

Lessons from Teaching in 2019


Steph Lee As a teacher and educator, daily self reflection is crucial. Instead of making a new year resolution, I decided to review all my lesson plans of 2019 and summarise them. Transmit Insight, not Information The more you know, the smarter you are and thus the better teacher you can be? Nope. Information can […]

Rethinking Warmups


Stephanie Lee   Can they be less of a routine and more of a spontaneous test of readiness and mental stimulation?  Can we simply ‘go’ and use what we find there to adjust our training?     View this post on Instagram   Warmup dances for the soul. This is my first ‘movement practice’ of […]

Memory, Focus, & Learning


Stephanie Lee   FOCUS. We can only pay attention to what we know exists. The relationship between memory and learning is a subject that is often thought of in a linear way. But building long term memories requires me to find many paths to learn AND feel. I do believe memory is the foundation for […]

It’s All Art


Stephanie Lee   I am drawn to the undeniable human experience. The guttural, heart-wrenching physical assertions of the body. For me, few things are as addictive as the pleasure of moving across the floor, twisting my limbs, expanding breath and energy through my body, and carving previously unseen pathways in space. Because I love to […]