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Introductory Handstands: Soft or Rigid?

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Usefulness of Expression


Brandon Chien     View this post on Instagram   ⠀ The task I gave myself here was “slow is smooth, smooth is fast.” Was I building my fitness or expressing my movement? ⠀ Building fitness used to mean doing squats, presses, heavy lifting, and hard training. ⠀ Now it means something different. Learning rhythm, […]

Softness vs. Stiffness


Andre Miller     View this post on Instagram   Una ejercisios combinacion fantasica. Es sola un combinacion de ejersisios entre un multitudes de ejersisios. Pero ellos son mi ejesisios. Mi ejersisios son ejesisios con corazon. Quieres un vida fantastica? Necesitas ejersisios fatasticos! Quieres el mundo fatastico? Necesitamos el hombres y las mujeres con corazon. […]

Soft Practice Within Hard Art


Margot Ciccarelli       View this post on Instagram   Part 1 : Lately I’ve become fascinated with the idea of what a complete practice is; what is a nourishing practice? The idea of sustainability and longevity is not the first thought that comes to mind to average person when they think about jiu-jitsu. […]

Assess Hard, Treat Soft


Jeremy Fein   “Assess hard, treat soft” – Dr. Perry Nickelston   To Dr. Perry, this is a quote about the amount of physical force used in manual therapy. He needs enough force to initially see how the body responds, but ultimately it’s the soft touch that drives his predictably positive outcomes.   For me–the […]