Students & the System


Christine Ruffolo   Amongst other things, COVID-19 revealed how fragile the American educational system is, and how unadaptable it is to changing and evolving times.  Designed to churn out compliant workers, it conflicts with the world around them — a burgeoning economy of self employment (one marked by passion, creativity, and innovation), as well as […]

Labeling Relationships


Christine Ruffolo   For the second time this year, I told a client they no longer need to pay me.  We were peers, and the level of engagement and conversation I got from talking with them far exceeded my $65 per hour asking fee.  The interest was mutual, the reciprocity organically leveled up, and I […]

Reflecting on Relationships: Peers


Christine Ruffolo   Part Four in a four-part series of relational examinations.   Part One: Parents Part Two: Pets Part Three: Students   The definition of peer that I most relate to is “looking at”.  The people who were supposed to be ‘like me’, were never like me.  They might have been of similar age or […]

Medicating with Movement

Neurons Concept

Jenn Pilotti   I am having one of those weeks, a week where a lot of the people around me are upset, or anxious, or depressed. A week where there is a sense of heaviness encompassing the people I interact with regularly, which makes me feel like I am being held down under a thick, […]



Dave Wardman   Neurobation: the tedious and unnecessary use of brain science terminology when every day words will suffice. It’s a thang. Caste your gaze around social media and you will not doubt its increased prevalence. It has strongly entered the physical work sphere. It has even proceeded into the C2rberus and C1rberus segmentation of the […]

Bodyweight Squats

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Maybe the Gurus are Just Looking for Friends


Christine Ruffolo   Clients seek trainers because they are looking for a relationship.  They want to be seen and heard and reflected back to, and calling on a person to help you sort your body out is a societal norm.  (The slew of specialized services to select from is a testament to both the need […]

Teaching Others, Teaching Self

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Chris Davis     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Chris Davis (@hellotoallthefishes)     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Chris Davis (@hellotoallthefishes)     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Chris Davis (@hellotoallthefishes)     View this post on Instagram   […]

The Whole Love (On Communities)


Nick Konow If you think you know what I am writing about or who I am writing about, you don’t. If you think my conceit is to make clearer my message or to convince in any way, it’s not. I’m  just digging through the dirt, man….   I don’t believe in community. I don’t believe […]

The Politics of Movement Ed

Vintage Wrong Way Sign Wall Mural 1000x

Chandler Stevens   There’s a strange power dynamic inherent in most movement education and coaching (obviously extending out to therapies as well). I’ve been curious about the politics of the relationship between professional and client ever since my first exposure to somatic education. It was the first time I ever felt like I knew something […]

Movement as a ‘Cure’ for Social Awkwardness


Sevinc Gurmen   “How did you become this social?” is a question that I get from either people who realize that I am one of the most introvert/nerdy person that they have met or autism experts who can identify my autistic traits that most people won’t notice. Most people would just call me weird, a […]

Finding Your Tribe


Nadia Genois   “You are imperfect, you are wired for struggle, but you are worthy of love and belonging.”― Brené Brown   Last september, I was in Boulder for a Floorflow certified teacher gathering. One day after the training, I was in a car with Marlo (Fisken) who was leading the training, Ken (Kao) her partner […]