Creating Lasting Adaptations (Part 3)


Austin Einhorn   Few exercises magically “transfer” to sports betterment, despite all of us wishing they would. Simply doing “monster walks” in your pregame routine doesn’t do anything to keep a knee wide during your sport. And who’s to say your knee needs to be wide all the time? We expend finite energy, time, and […]

Skill, Interest, & Circumstance


Jenn Pilotti   On June 14th, Max Park, a 21 year old with autism spectrum disorder who, at age nine, couldn’t open a water bottle because his hands were so weak, solved a 3x3x3 Rubik’s cube in 3.13 seconds. He set a new world record, breaking the previous record of 3.47 seconds that was set […]

Learning Strength


Jenn Pilotti   I recently took up pole dancing. My sister thinks I am having a midlife crisis which, though it may be accurate, isn’t the reason I felt compelled to begin flipping upside down on a solid vertical object. In actuality, the act of learning how to navigate my body around a pole gave […]

Breaking with Tradition

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Amelia Chan   From what I’m hearing, it seems like some people think that I do rehabilitation work, or at least that a part of my work is rehabilitative, sort of like therapy combined with learning how to play the violin. I can see how that can be misconstrued, based on my Instagram posts on […]

Locomotive Coordination


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Ego & Expression


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The Shweel

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Anything But the Barbell

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The Beginner’s Mind


Craig Mallett   Following on from the previous post, I wanted to talk this month about a concept that often gets referred to as beginner’s mind. It’s a simple idea, a way of looking at things as if we were a beginner or a child, seeing them full of wonder and possibility rather than writing […]

A Tactical Games Approach


Alex Sporticus   A Tactical Games Approach to teaching Games The tactical games approach aims to improve children’s understanding of the game by combining tactical awareness and skill execution. It does that by placing them in a modified game situation with a tactical problem to solve. The rationale for a tactical games teaching in PE and school […]

Usefulness of Expression


Brandon Chien     View this post on Instagram   ⠀ The task I gave myself here was “slow is smooth, smooth is fast.” Was I building my fitness or expressing my movement? ⠀ Building fitness used to mean doing squats, presses, heavy lifting, and hard training. ⠀ Now it means something different. Learning rhythm, […]

Patience & Humility in Skill Acquisition


Catherine Cowey   I have never been good at any board sports be it on snow, water, wheels or any type of unpredictable surface. Basically all those things that adrenaline junkies love, skiing, skating, surfing, snowboarding are not my forte. I shimmy, freak out, tense up, and go careening out of control. Those last words […]

Meta-Skills of the 1%


Austin Einhorn   I just returned from the December 2018 Altis Apprentice Coach Program. During one of the “pool side chats,” Stu McMillan confidently stated that 99% of athletic programs are terrible. I wholeheartedly agree—it’s quite accurate. Just as with any population, there will be a natural hierarchy. However, the divide between the 1% and […]

Finding Your Fundamentals


Jeremy Fein   “Don’t worry about the fundamentals–skip right ahead to the fancy stuff to save time.”   Probably a quote you’ve never heard from an athlete or a coach. We all seem to agree that the fundamentals are important, but why isn’t there more talk about what they are? At various times, I’ve been […]

Slow, Breakdown, Play

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How do you go from “Woah, that looks cool ?” to “Oh, I think I can do that?” —————————————— I saw this movement somewhere in the murky depths of #movementculture yesterday and thought it looked fun. —————————————— So…1) Ensure your joints can do SLOW what you’re about to ask them to do FAST. Controlled articular […]