I Hate CARs


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Two Ways to Know the Body


Jim Freda Two Ways to Know the Body: Abstract Reason vs. Direct Experience   Through my entire life I was never interested in American or Western history. I studied the history of Japan and Korea at Columbia and then for eight more years at UCLA. That was a long time ago, but I have been […]

The Shoulder Anchor


Dave Wardman   [*] the shoulder anchor    [a.k.a ‘shoulder push-down’, artist formerly known as ‘shoulder depression’] [base ingredient] Let us turn our attention, on this here Day of the Moon, to a real ‘crowd pleaser’ of a stretch.. at least in its basic form. The ‘shoulder push-down’; performed with one partner assisting from behind with two hands […]

One-Arm Pulling

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Austin Einhorn   Conor Meyler is a Gaelic Football star, nominated for player of the year in 2021. Every season is bruising, but each one also leaves his body repeatedly aggravated in specific areas—or as he put it, “chronic niggles.” He didn’t want to risk those niggles becoming something worse and threatening his next season; […]

End Range Training for Hypermobiles

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Becoming the Wolverine (Shoulder Rehab)


Jason Round   Please note: this is an article for general shoulder health and pre/rehabilitation. It’s important to diagnose your shoulder problem first, and assistance from an expert is often the best way to go. With sensitive overuse/imbalance injuries, such as impingement where inflammation is high, some exercises could cause more irritation and make things worse. […]

Positioning the Shoulder

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A Practical Exploration of Pain and Healing

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Jenn Pilotti   I was doing Russian dancers recently, a move I have always struggled with (for those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, a Russian dancer is a one armed backbend that dynamically switches to the other arm by shifting your weight forward to your feet). I learned that if […]

Armpits & Seeing the Shoulder

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Austin Einhorn     View this post on Instagram   ARMPITS I’m fascinated with armpits… In my eyes, they give detailed view of shoulder integrity. When the arm is overhead, I want to still see a pit, rather than a mound. A protruding mound is the head of the humerus bone poking out a bit. […]

Grasping Shoulders


Andre Miller     View this post on Instagram   I was very excited to see I received a letter from a reader the other day; “Dear Rootsfitness, I’ve noticed you’ve got really nice shoulda shubs. I have been working really hard and would really like to improve my shoulda shubs, any tips?” Dear Reader, […]

Training Overhead Shoulder ER


Brian Fox     “We don’t treat end ranges, we train them.” -#functionalrangerelease Isometrically loading two different end ranges then eccentrically grooving that full range w a lighter load. I found a lot of tension when assessing my own clavicular head of the pectoralis major. So after treating it manually, this was my external load […]