A Shared Struggle


Steph Lee   Playing with recoil in a restraining costume while in residency for Brutally Submissive. The process fed me so much, creatively and energetically, and I had a lot to reflect after. Mostly, I want to know how to research the performative possibilities within myself and find out how many layers my dancing can […]

Voice Parallels Movement

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Nadia Genois   When I was little I loved being told stories, hearing the voice of loved ones rock me and fall asleep. As an adult, this happens to us too infrequently. There is certainly the music, words, images, cinema of others, but they are distant, unknown. And yet…   Yet, sometimes we receive them, […]

I Really Like the Way I Move


Nick Konow     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by N I C K K O N O W (@worldmvmnt)     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by N I C K K O N O W (@worldmvmnt)    

A Life No Longer Your Own

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Sevinc Gurmen     View this post on Instagram   I just love this photo @e.t.bewild took today while I was lifting. I am breastfeeding here in between sets, because my chubby munchkin needed a little soothing! Everybody says that your life changes so much after having a baby, but you don’t quite get it […]

Your Body is Trying to Tell You Something


Chandler Stevens   Part 1 A client I work with really knows her shit. After a successful film career, she introduced a whole new style of yoga to an entire country (where she was a recent immigrant no less – no prior connections). Intelligent. Articulate. Got it together. Yet even though she leads teacher trainings […]

Spend Time with the Knowledge You Have


Tom Morrison   I’m just back from a few days away and as much as I’d like to tell you I had an epiphany or a moment of realisation that would let me tell you how to live your life…….!! …. I did not. I ate battered chicken and drank some wine… Had a cuddle […]

Movement As Language: Babble & Personal Meaning


Jason Round     View this post on Instagram   BABBLE: the process of learning a new lexicon for floor-communication is just as clear in its hesitation, uncertainty, and lack of fluency as is the oral. Having been exposed to a new set of vocabulary and syntax by Odelia Goldschmidt at the EMM, I find […]

Critical Look #3 – My Own Work

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Christine Ruffolo     ‘Critical Look’ challenges the way systemic information is presented and questions the story being told.   SYSTEMIC IDEOLOGY: Create a New Normal in Physical Education. Personal background with system –  Fifteen years of trial and error at a public high school. What New PE is getting right Reconsidering the purpose and […]

Becoming Yourself


Chandler Stevens Why does it take us so long to be ourselves? How can a movement practice bring us a deeper understanding of how we engage in the world around us? In this episode I talk with Jozef Frucek, co-founder of Fighting Monkey practice, about the big questions that link movement and life. Along the […]

There’s an Alchemist in All of Us


Dave Wardman   Physical Alchemy is an system of transmutation of the physical body and growth of the human being.  It concerns itself with researching, developing and disseminating potent methods of physical body transformation alongside practicing and studying methods that provoke moksha [ मोक्ष ](Awakening). It is an exploratory method that educates the practitioner seeking self-knowledge related to […]

Inquiry into the Physical Body


Fanny Tulloch   Communication with the physical body, one of the most essential things to learn in life is not taught in schools- that is why I have a job. How to take care of your body and mind is clearly not an easy task; the numbers for obesity and mental health conditions to name […]

Connecting to Ourself


Chandler Stevens   Do you ever get the feeling that you’ve hit a wall?  Or that you’re spinning your wheels?  Or that despite your best intentions you end up in the same rut of habits and patterns? What you may not realize is: it’s not some external factor.  It’s not some thing holding you back. It’s […]