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What Are You Adapting To?


Scott Daly   Human beings have become the most dominant species on the planet. No other organism encompasses so much of the earth. Yet, we are far from the fastest, strongest or largest in the animal kingdom. What made this possible? I believe human beings are the most adaptable creatures on earth, allowing us to […]

Seasons Supporting Life

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Scott Daly     View this post on Instagram   Does your off season support you or break you? Do you have a off season? @amelia_fkw has not trained a muscle up in months. She only had 2 when she stopped training it. How and why did this happen? I don’t know for sure but […]

On Finding Truths


Scott Daly   Growing up, I was a regular North American male focused on what my friends and I deemed worthy and having a good time. At 22 I was in a car accident breaking my pelvis and rupturing my bladder. This changed my life dramatically and led me to a background in rehabilitation and […]