The Coexistence of Science and Awareness


Andre Miller   Stepping out of the lab and into your life; a rational argument for the irrational and of the nature of awareness. First and foremost this article is by no means an argument against the use or practicality of science. It is merely a concise description of the nature of our world and […]

The Science of Buy-In


Michael Ryan     – •Hundreds of Arm Swings• From the outside, this is unimpressive compared to the physiques and party tricks you can find in instaland, but why would this simple move be preserved throughout generations? What can the practitioner extract from this? Do you need someone else to tell you the benefits? Does […]

The Interesting Science Behind Functional Range Conditioning

Interesting Science

Christine Ruffolo   Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) is a system of creating, controlling, and expanding useable range of motion, defined as mobility. Unlike flexibility which is typically achieved passively, FRC uses tension and isometrics to minimize neurological safeguards that inhibit mobility in the first place. It is designed to progressively convince the brain to release […]