A Handful of Bones


Jim Freda   A handful of bones is just about all that we can hold in our mind as we go through the process of our complex daily full body movements. A handful of bones is enough to coordinate and balance the system in almost any position. Perhaps in our mundane daily movement of the […]

Two Ways to Know the Body


Jim Freda Two Ways to Know the Body: Abstract Reason vs. Direct Experience   Through my entire life I was never interested in American or Western history. I studied the history of Japan and Korea at Columbia and then for eight more years at UCLA. That was a long time ago, but I have been […]

The Shoulder Anchor


Dave Wardman   [*] the shoulder anchor    [a.k.a ‘shoulder push-down’, artist formerly known as ‘shoulder depression’] [base ingredient] Let us turn our attention, on this here Day of the Moon, to a real ‘crowd pleaser’ of a stretch.. at least in its basic form. The ‘shoulder push-down’; performed with one partner assisting from behind with two hands […]

One-Arm Pulling

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Austin Einhorn   Conor Meyler is a Gaelic Football star, nominated for player of the year in 2021. Every season is bruising, but each one also leaves his body repeatedly aggravated in specific areas—or as he put it, “chronic niggles.” He didn’t want to risk those niggles becoming something worse and threatening his next season; […]

Scap Flow

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Nelson Cuadras   [Instagram link]

Three Bones Theory


Jim Freda   Three bones theory and the sensory stations of the deep core: An anatomical description of evolutionary mismatch and sitting disease as kinesthetic dystonia. A summary statement.   Three bones theory states that there are three major bones, each located at the heart of a major juncture of the body, and these bones […]


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Jason Round                

Rib Cage Mobility

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Gary Stockdale     View this post on Instagram   There is an intimate interplay between the rib cage and pelvis. In order to fully articulate the capabilities and capacities of either one, they both must be taken into consideration. Start by creating a staggered stance. Rotate the pelvis forward/away from the front leg and […]

Yoga Detour: Integrated Upper Body


Christine Ruffolo   Cecily Milne is the mind behind yoga detour, movement education that encourages the yoga population to go beyond ‘nailing poses’.  She immediately reminded me of Marlo Fisken – a “pole person” who’s actual draw is that she is a brilliant cuer, observer, and communicator of hows.  Aside from being able to do […]

Spinal Fluidity – Influence of Load & Scapula


Christine Ruffolo   Movement expression is dependent on on our tadpole-like head and spine to drive and disperse motion.  Any sticking points have a reverberatory effect on the actions of the limbs.  After a decade of undoing the rigidity trained through athletics and weight lifting, I am beginning to piece together how to create a […]