Butter Back (part 1)

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Jeremy Fein   Why Butterback? You need to move your back in so many ways, whether in athletic movement like throwing and kicking or daily activities like tying your shoes. But it’s easy to feel stiff throughout the torso.  And many [totally great!] traditional strength exercises have us moving the arms and legs alot, but […]

The Problem with Exercise


Jason Round   A Case of Lambs and Lions. What the hell are you doing? After spending a few years in gym environments, you can spot them from a mile away. The lambs. They walk on to the gym stage with close to knocked knees and a meek demeanor, an over-caution out of character in any part of their world […]

Is Sitting Too Much Really Ruining Your Mobility?


Tom Morrison   Your back hurts, your hip hurts, your shoulders and neck are always sore from being slumped over your desk or behind the wheel all the time – damn daily life tasks! They’re ruining your flexibility and movement forever, right!? Well, wrong.   It’s a bit of a cop out really if I’m […]

Morning Routines


Tyler Wall PART I: WHAT DO YOU DO? – AN EXERCISE IN REFLECTION AND UNDERSTANDING Morning. A new beginning. A time to start fresh after a rejuvenating slumber. An opportunity to set the tone for the day – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. An opportunity. One we all have the option to partake in, should we […]

Roundtable #4 – Bookends of Practice


Feature photo morzaszum from Pixabay.   WHAT ARE THE BOOKENDS OF YOUR PERSONAL PRACTICE? How do you begin your training sessions?  How do you know when you are done?   For me, it’s hard to tell an end when everywhere I go I see things to hang or dance on.  In my Jam sessions I tend to […]

Routine, Assessments, and Seeing the Bigger Picture


Jenn Pilotti A fair amount of people initially come to see me for issues surrounding pain and discomfort. Often, it’s an area that has bothered them off and on for a long time, with doctors left shaking their heads, suggesting another cortisone shot or another round of physical therapy. These individuals are usually extremely active […]